Saturday, July 5, 2008

Price of Success

The Price of Success: Major (R)Khalid Nasr
The price tag of success include: 1.Hard work:There's no way around this--you can't fulfill your career dream without a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and maybe even a little elbow grease. You also might have to spend time--perhaps large quantities of time--working diligently at jobs you don't particularly like in order to prepare yourself for the job you want. 2.Learning:Doing what you love might require you to acquire some new skills, polish existing abilities or earn another degree. Are you willing to devote the time, money and energy to making that happen? 3.Discipline:It takes focus and commitment to pursue your goal without getting sidetracked or giving up. Success doesn't just happen. You have to be intentional about it, and that takes discipline. 4.Change:At the surface, this might not seem like a significant price. After all, you wouldn't be engaging in this exercise if you didn't want a change in your life. And yet, as we all know, change isn't easy. It can cause stress, anxiety, uncertainty, and a host of other uncomfortable emotions. 5.Emotional stamina:On your way toward doing what you love, you're going to stumble and you might even take a few hard falls. When that happens, you've got to have the intestinal fortitude to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get going again. Do you? As you think about the price of doing what you want to do, remember that the specifics vary from job to job.Don't wait until everything is perfect to begin because everything will never be perfect. Don't put it off until tomorrow because tomorrow you'll be tempted to put it off until the next day. Just start. And as you begin, remember these three truths about the end result: 1.Doing what you want to do will be different than you imagined.2.It will be more difficult than you ever imagined.3.It will be better than you ever imagined.

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jameelzaidi7 said...

The concept of infinity is conceptual, because in the first instance it is an admission of immeasurable magnitude; and secondly we are living in measurable environments on this planet Earth. Time & Space might be immeasurable in the context of Universe, but time in terms of individual human existence also known as life span is definitely finite. Man is offered a number of choices for setting his priorities in order to accommplish given predetermined tasks at the exspense of assignments which are to be relegated to the relatively lower category of lesser importance.

Needless to mention, that every moment of this measurable resource is precious as an input, because one can always exercise the option to utilise it elsewhere. Hence other inputs such as training, devotion to the task, and peace of mind are necessary for the purpose; lest the entire exercise becomes futile or misdirected if peace of mind is not availa ble. Under the circumstances, one would be well-advised to put off such an assignment till the moment when one regains this presious potential lost temporarily due to a given set of circumstances. Unnecessary postponement merely due to lethargy is wasting this precious resource.

Jameel Zaidi